Best Stretch for Hunched Over Computer Users (and everyone else)

So much body dysfunction originates from poor posture. Hunching over a computer constantly as well as general aging exasperates what is already a common phenomenon. Many of us don’t stand up straight. Stand against a wall with your feet nearly touching. Keep your chin level. Engage your core. Your body should touch at the backContinue reading “Best Stretch for Hunched Over Computer Users (and everyone else)”

Eat your Vegetables!

Solid evidence that mom was right. Eat your vegetables and live a longer and healthier life! According to Dr. Eberhart-Phillips very few of us eat enough servings of fruits and vegetables (at least five) daily. For those who do, scientific data show it can reduce risk of heart disease (by 17%!), reduce risk of diabetes,Continue reading “Eat your Vegetables!”