Are You Ready to Get Fit for the Rest of Your Life?

71 year old Fred was. What a difference 30 days can make! Fred went to a boot camp for 30 days, changed his diet, his exercise, and his pants size. Maybe you can’t go away for 30 days, but you can start now. Decide to exercise every day. Just make a commitment. The rest willContinue reading “Are You Ready to Get Fit for the Rest of Your Life?”

Top 10 reasons to do Weight Training

Top ten reasons to do weight training? Here they are. 10. Add spice to your gym life. Get off those big machines and try mixing it up with exercises that work your whole body synergistically. Weight training has a new face. It’s just not pumping iron. Using your body away from the machines can beContinue reading “Top 10 reasons to do Weight Training”

It’s Never Too Late to Dance (and make a music video)

Yoko Ono turns 80 and she’s made a music video with some of her famous neighbors. “I’m a Bad Dancer” shows her busting a groove in less than sprightly moves with no apologies. You go girl. Gotta keep moving! Click here to watch the video.