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Girl Goes from Scrawny to Muscular in 100 Days

The power of daily practice. Here’s another inspirational video from the Give It 100 ( website. This young woman started with a poor body image feeling week and ashamed of her scrawny body. Watch this time lapse video is see where she is a 100 days later.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 8.12.39 PM

Ok. The woman is YOUNG, but I’m not and I’ve experienced impressive changes to my strength. If you ask me, I’ll show you my muscles, too! Since Halloween, 2013, when I began a weight/strength training program, my body image has changed. Whether I’m at the ATM at twilight (better not mess with me!), lifting something at home, holding myself upright in better posture, I feel STRONG. This is just from a steady, progressive, weight training program practiced regularly twice a week in addition to my regular cardio or other gym workouts.  You can, too, in just 100 days!

How to Do a Perfect Squat!

This from Fit to Inspire (, an online fitness community for women:

Certified Trainer Mary Rawles, from Body Kinetics Health Club in Marin County, California, teaches us how to do a perfect squat!

According to Mary Rawles, Certified Trainer, “The Squat is holy in the world of fitness!” Here’s a list of reasons why:

  • When done properly, squats work nearly every muscle in the body: the glutes (think tight booty), the entire core including your back, and your legs (hamstrings, quadriceps, calves).
  • Strengthening these muscles will help you function in everyday life activities such as carrying or lifting, and strong muscles will boost your performance in sports.
  • More muscle means burning more calories all day long!
  • Squats will help increase the range of motion in your ankles and hips, and actively engage core stabilizers which are important for balance.

Squatting should be preceded by a warm up.  Then find the number of squats (repetitions) you can do comfortably with good form (anywhere from 5 to 20), and then do 3 sets of these.  Gradually work to increase the number of repetitions and sets.

Body Kinetics is a Marin County health club with three locations (Mill Valley, San Rafael, Novato), offers members the opportunity to transform the way they look and feel, inside and out.  Visit their website here.

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