Strength Workout 2 To Do At Home

Check out my new workout! Strength Workout 2 includes range-of-motion/warm-up exercises, a 30 minutes high-intensity full-body workout with balance and stretching exercises at the end. Workout is great for all levels, every exercise can be modified for beginners, seniors, or 30 year-olds, anyone who wants to get stronger. The strength workout is 9 exercises. 3Continue reading “Strength Workout 2 To Do At Home”

Yoga Online, Kindness, and Getting Grounded

I met her about eleven years ago. I was a teacher at the time. Another teacher knew her, she had just finished her yoga training and was looking for a group to practice with for a nominal fee, plus, she would do it at our school site! That was a no brainer. Yes! A smallContinue reading “Yoga Online, Kindness, and Getting Grounded”

I. Am. A. Modern. Elder. …on becoming at mid-life and beyond

We formed a community. Last week, we eighteen gathered by the ocean, whales and stingrays joining us. We were led in meditation connecting us to Earth, wind, stars, sand, all the elements of nature, and the magic began. The Modern Elder Academy, or MEA, as we now call it, is a week-long quest in MexicoContinue reading “I. Am. A. Modern. Elder. …on becoming at mid-life and beyond”

Best Version of Me I Can Be

Old story. Gained weight over holidays. Eating in way that does not make me wake up feeling my best. Trying to eat better. Healthier meals, I think? Damn, still having these late evening cravings. Three nights in a row, ice cream, popcorn, then a bowl of cereal. (In my defense, I DID NOT purchase theContinue reading “Best Version of Me I Can Be”

How Much Adult Life Do You Have Ahead of You and Who Will You Be?

According to Chip Conley, who calls himself a Modern Elder, “It’s proven that shifting to a positive perspective on aging can add 7.5 years to our lives…”. How? By living a life with purpose.  So how much adult life do you think you have ahead of you and, as Mary Oliver asks, “…what is itContinue reading “How Much Adult Life Do You Have Ahead of You and Who Will You Be?”


Chances are there is some behavior you’d like to change relating to exercise, weight loss, sleep, money, productivity or relationships. “If we change our habits, we change our lives”…claims author Gretchen Rubin in her book Better Than Before, Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives. Rubin, New York Times bestselling author of the Happiness Project,Continue reading “CHANGE YOUR HABITS, CHANGE YOUR LIFE”

Body Fat Measurement Tool…the Mirror!

  There’s many ways to measure body fat with varying degrees of accuracy  but all involve some type of specialized equipment. If you don’t have calipers, scales, or a submersion pool, here’s an at-home way to estimate your body fat percentage using the mirror!     These pictures come for the website Built Lean. Follow this link forContinue reading “Body Fat Measurement Tool…the Mirror!”

Cycling – Warm Up and Stretching Exercises

Warming up before riding gets your body ready for the effort it’s about to exert. The idea is to gently move one’s joints through all their ranges of motion. Afterwards, stretching when your muscles are warmed up is aimed at mobility as well as stretching muscles out to avoid poor muscle function or imbalances. These warm ups cameContinue reading “Cycling – Warm Up and Stretching Exercises”

Out of shape at 61, Fit at 90!

90 years old. His workout? 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups and 2919 steps! Cardio and strength training combined! After retirement at age 61, over the years he took up jogging, calisthenics, and hitting the local Larkspur stairs.  Not only has he become a fit senior, he’s become somewhat of a folk hero in his community along the way. It’sContinue reading “Out of shape at 61, Fit at 90!”