Strength Workout 2 To Do At Home

Check out my new workout! Strength Workout 2 includes range-of-motion/warm-up exercises, a 30 minutes high-intensity full-body workout with balance and stretching exercises at the end. Workout is great for all levels, every exercise can be modified for beginners, seniors, or 30 year-olds, anyone who wants to get stronger. The strength workout is 9 exercises. 3Continue reading “Strength Workout 2 To Do At Home”

About Me – My Story

I’m in my 60’s and I’m an athlete. No, I don’t do anything amazing like running marathons. I’m just really fit. It wasn’t always that way.  Born pre-Title Nine, I wasn’t exposed to sports; there were no teams for girls. I grew up smoking with friends at the mall.  In my 30’s I quit smokingContinue reading “About Me – My Story”