Personal Fitness Training with Mary


   mary-and-client-cropped1.jpgMary came to an active lifestyle as a young adult. She has been a runner, triathlete, master swimmer, snow and water skier, windsurfer, soccer player, hiker, and golfer. Her fitness base has always involved training at a gym… weight lifting, Pilates, yoga, spin, body sculpting, and boot camp type classes.

Mary is NASM personal trainer certified with a Group Strength Training Certification. Mary has taught strength and toning classes was well as chair and aerobics classes for seniors.Her coursework has focused on working with older adults, including Functional Fitness Assessment for Mature Adults, Small Group Training Programs for Boomers and Seniors, and Best Practices for Exercise and Aging. She helps a variety of clients get into shape, a majority of which are seniors.  She utilizes the concepts contained in the Senior Fitness Manual as well as FallProof: A Comprehensive Balance and Mobility Training Program, by Dr. Debra Rose, to assess older clients.

Previously, Mary worked as a risk manager for local governments overseeing injured employee claims for physical therapy and medical treatment. She set up employee wellness and injury prevention seminars. Subsequently, she was a teacher in the San Rafael School District for many years. She brings her love of teaching, awareness of injuries and body limitations, and her joy for physical activity to personal training.

Mary is an advocate of strength training and believes an exercise program also addressing  flexibility, proper alignment, balance, and aerobic capacity produces a more youthful, limber body with more energy. Best of all you will feel stronger in everyday life. Mary will help you set measurable goals and track your progress. Change your fitness, change your life! Begin by scheduling an introductory appointment today at Body Kinetics, Mill Valley (415) 380-8787. Link to Body Kinetics Reach me by email:


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